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  Four years of trials and hardships and hard pioneer cast Shanghai qianglin, brilliant paper products company limited. Riding the spring breeze of reform and opening to the outside world, Jiang linhui paper products company under the support of local leaders at all levels and social friends from all walks of life, through the four years of hard development course. Today, Jiang linhui paper products company website in the opening of the occasion, I would like to let me, on behalf of the company to for a long time has been concern, help and love qianglin paper products growth at all levels of leadership and fellow friends, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and highest respect.
  Website highlighting products and marketing characteristics, wholeheartedly for your timely conveniently provide qianglin paper products of the latest developments in the company, the latest product information, industry the latest information and knowledge, we will to revitalize national industry responsibility, to serve the community for Rongchang, to the development of science and technology as the driving force, to the quality of survival, in good faith as the fundamental, to serve for the fate, to make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction, for the government to ease, to contribute to local economic development and social harmony.
  Looking to the future, the prospect is broad. Our company will seize times gives us the opportunity, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "patriotism, dedication, integrity, law-abiding, the contribution, sustainable development, create a circular economy development path, the real enterprises bigger and stronger, the products to a wider market, make enterprise sailing.
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